WyzAnts Scholarship Contest Entry

 Hello all of my loyal fans,
I have a request.  I have recently just written an essay for WyzAnts scholarship contest.  Half of the finalists for this contest are chosen by popular vote.  If you have a moment (and like the essay of course) I would be extremely grateful if you voted on my essay.

Here’s the link

I’ve also pasted the essay below for your reading convenience.
If I could teach everyone in the world one thing, I would teach doubt.  It seems to me that all learning must begin in doubt.  It is mystery that drives us to investigate the world, and doubt is the recognition of mystery.
Many people live in a state of certainty.  They know what is right and what is wrong; they know which politician’s are scoundrels; they know which scientific findings are quack.  A person who is certain does not investigate their world because they believe that they already know what is there: they take their opinions to be obvious, unadulterated reality.  Certainty not only stymies inquiry, but it also causes considerable social harm.  Traditions of certainty perpetuate racism, sexism, homophobia, and hostile politics, to name a few.
When we doubt, on the other hand, we experience our world as a question.  We inquire because we acknowledge that we do not know.  This fundamental principle has driven philosophers since the dawn of recorded history, and, more recently, it has become the essence of the scientific method – in science nothing is ever proven, but instead is only provisionally accepted given the current evidence.  In the doubtful society speech and dialogue flourish because its members are not divided by their dissenting opinions but instead are united by their shared pursuit of knowledge.
Doubt can not be taught directly.  To deliver doubt as an edict contradicts the essence of the demeanour which I wish to cultivate in my world of students.  Doubt is taught by challenging that which is most certain, to show that inquiry is infinite.
If I could teach everyone one thing, I would teach them to doubt, because doubt liberates us to learn on our own.  Through doubt we become our own teacher, perpetually struggling with the mysteries of life.   

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