Happy New Years/New Year’s Resolution

Happy new year everyone!

On that note, I am going to talk about new years resolutions.  One of my resolutions is to write more posts this year on CreativePhilo then I did last year (which shouldn’t be that difficult since I started CreativePhilo half way through last year).

My impression of new-years resolutions in popular culture is that they are considered a joke.  People don’t keep resolutions, my cartoons tell me.  We resolve things (usually to lose weight), and then we inevitably fail.  I find it kind of funny how depressing this kind of joke is if I think about it (which in the end means the comic succeeds in being funny I guess.)

I do think that the comics (which have become the sum of popular cultures opinion on resolutions, apparently), identify an important point – changing ourselves is the hardest thing we ever do.  If we do not control ourselves, nothing else we do can really be said to be our own.  We probably fail more then we succeed.

 In my experience, probably the most important element of changing myself is not focusing on what I want to become.  If I focus on where I’m trying to get to, all that is visible is the distance.  I find myself much better off if I instead focus on the journey in small achievable steps.

What do you think of new-years resolutions?

Thanks for reading,

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